Notice: Home Depot Data Breach

Dear Members,

In light of the recent data breach at The Home Depot, USAgencies wants to make members aware of what’s happening, how you can protect yourself, and what we are doing to help affected members.

Please read this notice carefully and connect with us with any questions:

(503) 275-0300
toll-free (800) 452-0915

Thank you,
USAgencies Credit Union

  • What merchant did the breach happen to?
    The Home Depot stores in the US & Canada.
  • Who may be affected by the breach?
    Anyone who used their Debit or Credit Card at The Home Depot Stores between April 11th, 2014 and September 8th, 2014. Self-service checkout stations are the most likely to have been compromised. People who shopped online and did not use their cards in the store are not affected. PIN Numbers were not compromised.

  • Where can more details be found?
    Information about the breach can be found on The Home Depot website.
  • What is Home Depot doing to help those affected?
    The Home Depot will pay for one year of credit monitoring for anyone who used their card during the April 11th – September 8th timeframe by going to this link: https://homedepot.allclearid.comThe Home Depot has an “Important Customer Notice” that gives further information on how to protect yourself from fraud – read it here.
  • What is USAgencies doing to help?
    We are monitoring the situation to determine if our members may be affected. We will contact those members who have been identified as having suspected fraudulent activity to reissue new cards.
  • What can you do?
    Monitor your account online. Set up alerts to notify you of transactions that exceed a limit that you specify – this can be done for both debit and credit cards at USAgencies. Periodically obtain copies of your credit report at If you suspect fraud, put a fraud alert on your credit file and connect with your financial institution to have your card reissued.

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