12-12-12 Loan

Just in time for the holidays!

$1,200 at 12.00% APR* for 12-months

Just in time for the holidays, we’re offering our 12-12-12 Loan again this season. We hope it will help to ease the holiday financial stress and provide some cheer along the way.

  • Apply in just few minutes, in a few simple steps. (Hint: you want to select “Signature” under “Personal Loans” when applying).
  • A member of the Lending Services team will connect with you to get some documentation such as proof on income, but no credit pull is required.
  • Upon approval, you will get $1,200 to use for holiday expenses, last minute purchases, or perhaps a mini-vacation. The rate is 12.00% APR* with a 12-month term. So, by the time you pay it off in small monthly payment of around $105, the holidays will be here again! Piece of cake.

loans@usacu.org | (503) 275-0300 or (800) 452-0915, option 2.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. For established memberships (over 90 days old) there is no credit pull, although proof of income and other terms/conditions are required. For New members, a credit pull in addition to proof of income will be required. Only one 12-12-12 loan is allowed at a time, so in order to qualify for a new one, the old loan must be paid off. 12-12-12 Loans are available beginning November 18th through January 31st. Connect with Lending Services for details.

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