Coming Up : Stay Tuned & Plan Ahead

The Spring and Summer seasons are a busy time at USACU.

  • FALL CLUB ACCOUNTS: These accounts pay out in November, so start saving now for the holidays! Connect with Member Services for details: INFO@USACU.ORG or (503) 275-0300.
  • TOY LOANS: Interested in an RV, boat, motorcycle, or other adventuring vehicles? Connect with Lending Services to get started: LOANS@USACU.ORG or (503) 275-0300 option 2.
  • PREPARING FOR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE: In May, June, and July we’ll be sharing tips and toolkits to help get your young adult world-ready.
  • FREEDOM HOME EQUITY LOANS: A special limited-time program launching in May to help members become free from debt with flexible terms and low fixed rates.
  • VACATION LOANS: Available June, July, and August – a simple loan to get you out of town and enjoying summer!
  • MEMBER SURVEY: Your chance to give us your feedback; available online in August. Details to follow in upcoming eNewsletters and on our website at USACU.ORG.

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