5 Fun Ways to Save As a Family

1 thought on “5 Fun Ways to Save As a Family

  1. When I was younger before actually having a job my parents implementing the points system. Brushing our teeth in the morning was worth one point and brushing our teeth in the evening was worth three points. Chores were designated points as well. I began mowing the lawn for 50 cents for a section. I then worked my way up to getting paid twenty dollars a week for mowing the lawn. I vaguely remembered being told to save for college but never really did. I wished my parents instilled the save ethic the way they instilled the work ethic. I did get a scholarship for college for my bachelor degree and my parents paid for half of my college while my grandmother paid for the other half. I did have to work in the summers full time factory jobs to replenish my money for school. Never did I think about saving. Wished I would have saved for retirement then.


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