Member Moment: Anne’s Story

Did you know your credit union is part of a history that began back in the 19th century? The principles of service to members, acting in the community’s best interest and being responsive to members’ needs have only grown over the past century in the U.S. Here at USAgencies Credit Union, we’re proud to join the chain of institutions committed to the credit union mission. As a member-owned cooperative, our only goal is your financial success.

Our member, Anne, shared how her values align with the credit union philosophy of “people helping people”.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I worked for the Federal government for most of my career in four locations in Oregon. The Forest Service was mostly very good for me. It helped me learn a lot, grow and travel. I helped employees learn new computer programs and solve problems using computers. I joined a credit union early in my career and was happy to continue that choice. I raised my daughter as a single parent and I appreciated the support from the Forest Service. I’m very proud that my daughter earned a PhD. At the end of my career, I was one of twelve people nationally in the Forest Service to provide an avenue for employees to request computer solutions for their professional issues.

Your Passion
My passion is helping people and learning. That’s why my career fit me so well. I think credit unions are a good match also because they share these same values.

What is your favorite USAgencies’ moment as a member?
I appreciated the seminars from USACU that provided great information and helped me prepare for retirement. It was fun when USACU would come to the office and give us cookies. We could meet employees, ask questions and I got to be good friends with one very nice employee. I even participated in a panel which gave me more knowledge about USACU.

What do you value the most about USAgencies?
I value USACU because it is a credit union. I deeply appreciate that it is not run for shareholders who don’t care about the way the business operates. Banks want to maximize return no matter the cost to individual clients. My prejudice is that credit unions make decisions with members in mind. USACU is local which is important to me.

Thank you Anne for sharing your values, we appreciate you!

Want to share your USAgencies moment? Submit your story to or via telephone at 503-275-0300. We’d love to hear from you!

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