Member Moment: Chase’s Story

In the old days of the internet, only corporate banks could afford streamline online banking services. These days, we’re living in a world where internet is everywhere, the services you use every day to manage your money like checking balances, transferring money and paying bills are just a few simple clicks or taps away. It’s easier than ever to access USAgencies Credit Union from distance away.

Our member, Chase, would like to share his thoughts on how USAgencies feels so local even when we are on the opposite side of the globe.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a 36 professional pursuing a career with the National Park Service (NPS), Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco California. My wife and I enjoy the Bay Area and love to explore the variety of cultures and foods. We have a 2 year old Husky named TOGO with lots of energy; he keeps us active and on our toes, lol!

Your Passion
I personally have a passion to pursue my higher education to PhD in the fields of business, technology, and human factors psychology. My wife and I possess passion and goal to open our own business specifically Thai cuisine as she is from Thailand. We love to travel experiencing other cultures and have visited Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Future trips we would love to explore together include Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, England, and Germany.

What is your favorite USAgencies’ moment as a member?
From the moment I opened an account to present the professionalism and quality of customer care USAgencies Credit Union (USACU) has provided is second to none. While traveling the United States and overseas USACU has been there to answer questions and provide support, reducing financial concerns while on the road and in the air. Second, when I require completion of international transactions (wire transfers) USACU has provided support that is easy and efficient. Finally, USACU and their staff provides world class support through Portland OR branch and with a variety of participating partnered branches.

What do you value the most about USAgencies?
I value most, the dedication to customer support, continued efforts to streamline business and process while maintaining quality, and how my experiences with USACU still feels like a local credit union even when I am across the country or somewhere traveling the globe.

Thank you Chase for sharing your member moment!

Want to share your USAgencies moment? Submit your story to or via telephone at 503-275-0300. We’d love to hear from you!

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